Without making any guarantees, certain styles of Wills and Trusts could enable the whole of your estate to pass to those you intend, even if the Local Authority Care is needed by the survivor.

Due to the complex nature of the care system many people are unsure of who should be paying what towards care costs, or whether they qualify for limited state benefits.

You may be able to protect your property from being used to pay for Long Term Care fees

If you want your assets to pass to your family then you will need to be proactive. Our Estate Protection Trust Wills have the effect of placing some of your estate out of the reach of the Local Authority, potentially avoiding the enforced sale of your home and restricting the amount they can take into consideration for payment. This is possible without losing total control over your main asset, your home.

If you would like to find out how Estate Protection Wills can help your family, please call Steve Worsfold at Sussex Will Writers.