Estate Protection Plans

These wills ensure your estate is left tidy and organised but also in a Tax efficient manner

This will have the benefits of :

  • Ring- fencing the proceeds of your respective assets into a Trust for the exclusive use of your named beneficiaries (ideal for second marriages-to ensure surviving spouse can stay in property and children’s inheritances are protected).
  • On first death the trust is created,placing assets into it,outside of the reach of the local authority.The deceased’s estate owes the Trusts( The IOU) and therefore this value cannot be assessed for care fees!
  • Protect the ring fenced assets from a forced sale should children get divorced or have to declare bankruptcy. The survivor will be able to live in and enjoy the property during their respective lifetimes, thus ensuring peace of mind.
  • On death, the assets are distributed in line with your wishes.The growth on any assets held in a Trust are excluded from IHT calculations.
  • Without the Estate Protection Trust, you will need to provide evidence 7 years prior to the first death as to the unused portion of the Nil Rate Band.This can be difficult, time consuming and costly to prove.
  • We will check on the land registry to confirm that the property is held as tenants in common. If not, severance of joint tenancy will need to take place.

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