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Our Probate Service at Sussex Will writers is proudly in association with Assured Probate Services. Assured Probate Services is a trading style of APS Legal and Associates Ltd. who are part of the SimplyBiz Group. APS Legal have been in business many years and handle many Probate and estate administration cases each year.

Whilst it is possible to obtain a Grant of Probate yourself, many of my clients need assistance at this difficult time, and would prefer an experienced professional to carry out all the work.  As a Chartered Financial Adviser and Will Writer, I know that many of my clients are happy for me to arrange this essential service for them and their family. 

By using a professional you can be confident that all the Tax Liabilities are completed properly – not just any payment of Inheritance Tax, should that be required, but Income Tax and any Capital Gains tax as well. Our probate service covers all the essential tasks that are required, proving you with peace of mind. 

There is no time scale for finalising an Estate – many clients do not have the time or inclination to collate and deal with all the evidence that needs to be submitted to obtain a Grant of Probate, or deal with all the estate administration after that.

We will give you a FIXED fee quote for the work involved. In order to do this Sussex Will Writers will meet with you and obtain all the information needed to calculate the cost of obtaining a Grant of Probate and estate administration. You can then decide if you would like to proceed with our probate service. 

Sussex Will Writers have selected Assured Probate Services as their partner for offering cost-effective, timely and professional Probate and estate administration services to our clients.

A Probate Service That Provides Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

We understand that we are dealing with more than the deceased’s finances – we are closing the personal circumstances of the deceased. Our many years of experience and expertise in dealing with these matters help to make our probate service professional, comprehensive and above all, sensitive to the needs of you and your family. 

With the introduction of The Transferrable Nil Rate band Allowance for Inheritance Tax Planning, and the recent Residential Nil Rate Band Allowance – both of which need to be claimed (they are not automatically given) those who are considering the “DIY” Probate route, can lose out on valuable allowances through ignorance! And remember, Executors carry unlimited legal liability for the Estate if they get it wrong!

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Probate Service

Case Study

Mr J Died and his house was jointly owned with his wife Mrs J. After his death, his children (the executors) took the Will and death certificate to the Bank and sorted the accounts. The Will contained a Property Protection Trust for Mr J’s 50% share of the property; nothing was done about the property! The Property Protection Trust was never set up!

10 years later

Mrs J is about to be discharged from hospital into a care home and she has to pay her own fees because she is a homeowner. The children are now distressed because they believed the Will protected their father’s half of the property but they never set up the trust resulting in Local Authority considering that Mrs J owns the whole property.

Is there a solution?

If the executors set up the trust now it would be deemed to be asset deprivation on timing and the value would still be used for care costs.

This is not an isolated incident. Many lay executors get it wrong or ignore the setting up of trusts.

This is especially important where Discretionary Trusts were written into Wills as a way of reducing the impact of Inheritance Tax.If your Will was written pre-2008 the chances are that you may well have a Discretionary Trust of the current Nil Rate band of £325,000 included in it. It may be called a Legacy Trust providing a gift in Trust to the trustees to hold for the benefit of the spouse and children.

Probate Service

Assured Probate Services 

Q: What’s most important to us at Assured Probate Services?

A: Family, your family. Delivering a professional and comprehensive service, providing support and guidance for when it’s needed the most.

Assured Probate Services is a trading style of APS Legal & Associates Limited.
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The Worksop Turbine, Shireoaks Triangle Business Park, Coach Close, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 8AP.

With over 500 members of highly qualified staff and expert consultants, we are one of the most trusted and reliable probate and estate administration companies in the UK. We are NATIONAL BY STRUCTURE, but LOCAL BY NATURE, leading the way in caring and responsible probate and estate administration. We are committed to providing a professional and comprehensive estate administration service. Our incomparable business structure, enabling us to offer one of the most comprehensive yet cost effective executor and probate services within the industry.

On behalf of APS Legal & Associates Ltd, Head office: Worksop Turbine Innovation Centre, Shireoaks Triangle Business Park, Coach Close, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 8AP

APS Legal & Associates is a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers

APS Legal & Associates complies with the Trading Standards Institute Approved IPW Code of Practice

*Is subject to all information being submitted to the company before a quote is made. Additional charges may apply where further work is required.

For further information, please contact us on 0800 849 3321.

Probate application fees set to explode from 6th April 2019!

As you have no doubt picked up from media articles over the last few months, the Government is implementing a change to the fees for obtaining the Grant of Probate. Historically, the cost has been fixed at £155, but from 6th April 2019 there will be a sliding scale of fees that relate to the value of the estate. It is expected that the fees will be calculated as follows:

For estates worth up to £50,000 – there will be no fee
For estates worth £50,000 to £300,000 – the fee will be £250
For estates worth £300,000 to £500,000 – the fee will be £750
For estates worth £500,000 to £1million – the fee will be £2,500
For estates worth £1million to £1.6million – the fee will be £4,000
For estates worth £1.6million to £2million – the fee will be £5,000
For estates worth more than £2million – the fee will be £6,000
With this knowledge, it is even more important to mention the typical costs of ‘Estate Administration’ of which ‘Probate’ is only a part.

How estates are charged varies so much, it is best to shop around. Sussex Will Writers work in conjunction with Assured Probate Services to offer what we believe to be a comprehensive and cost-effective solution with a fixed fee typically of just 1% of the estate value.

The new government fees are fixed and non-negotiable. They are in my view seriously expensive, with no relevance to estate complexity only the size. An estate with one house worth £1million, would have a probate application fee of £4,000.

An estate with two houses, investments, shares, ten bank accounts, IHT issues and possibly shares in the USA, would be extremely complicated and if only valued at £490,000 that’s just £750.00.

If you have any queries, please feel free to call.

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Probate Service
Probate Service
Probate Service