We are pleased to announce that we have since upgraded the Store Safe website to accommodate different types of new clients and to make our services easier to access for our existing clients. With Store Safe, not only is your Will held in a secure facility, but you are also entitled to unlimited free rewrites of your Will.

Additional services include:

  • Online Applications – Clients can request documents, cancel storage, and make amendments to their Wills online without the need to post the required documentation to us. They can upload documents instead.
  • Telephone Direct Debit Set Up – Clients who are unable to send us a paper mandate can set up payments via telephone, this works especially well for clients overseas. Advisers are not able to set up direct debits on behalf of their clients.
  • Box Storage – Clients can now use our storage boxes to store larger quantities of documents and even small items.
    Additional Storage Space – Clients can pay for an additional discounted fee if the size of documents exceeds the space allocated for our minimum £10.00 per year fee.
  • What I Own and Where it is Kept Form – This is downloadable from the Store Safe website. This booklet can be stored alongside their documents so that in the event of their death or loss of capacity. their chosen people can locate important information, from bank account details to contact details of their solicitor.
  • Storage Kit – Clients can request our storage kit which includes; a standard size bag (250mm x 375mm) for their documents, a postal bag, ‘What I Own and Where it is Kept’ form and a Direct Debit Mandate.
  • Free Will Rewrites – Clients who store with us but have not yet written their Wills can still take advantage of the free Will rewrite service once they have completed their Wills with The Will Company.
  • Any Client, Any Document – Clients who choose to store with us can store any document of their choosing, they do not need to be clients of The Will Company to do so.


Please note that these changes do not affect the current pricing. Storing with us is still from £10.00 per person per year. Our new price list with additional services can be found on our website. These additional services are available immediately.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will do our best to help you.

Source: The Will Company

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